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Special Education Teaching

​Mission: Challenge each child to achieve academically and functionally through implementation of research-based interventions, assessments, specially designed instruction and progress monitoring.  In addition to these there are specialized programs, services, and supports that are driven by federal and state legislation and compliance requirements.

Student success is dependent upon high quality teachers who are committed to excellence. NHA is looking for special education teachers who share our mission, vision, values, philosophy, and are committed to support students with disabilities to achieve at the highest levels.

At NHA, we recognize our special education teachers’ passion and their commitment to providing each student with tools for success. New special education teachers at NHA are valued members of the school community. By participating as a member of the school team, special educators at NHA get a hand in crafting a caring and supportive environment for students.

NHA staff believe all students can meet high academic expectations in an embracing and supportive school environment. Special educators help create this environment by working with teachers to:
  • Differentiate instruction
  • Provide behavioral supports
  • Offer individualized and/or small group instruction
  • Ensure delivery of rigorous, high quality services that are responsive to the diverse and developmental needs of all students

Special educators have access to an abundance of resources as they strive to maximize student learning potential. The Special Education & Support Services webpage is fully equipped with: links and resources; the NHA Special Education Manual; the NHA Special Education Teacher Handbook; the Paraprofessional Handbook; and links to e-learning modules on topics ranging from Seclusion/Restraint to navigating Section 504. In addition to these online resources, special educators have a series of personal supports, which include weekly observations and meetings with administration (03 meetings) and frequent participation in quality professional development.

New special education teachers at NHA attend a tailored new teacher orientation program and are immediately paired with a mentor to ensure they are able to provide top-caliber services to students from day one. Regional Special Education Supervisors and building administrators are available to provide hands on coaching and real world solutions. This level of collaboration is the key to maintaining sharp professional skills across the entirety of the NHA Special Education team, and delivery of quality services for our students.

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