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Welcome to National Heritage Academies

National Heritage Academies (NHA) prepares students for success in the classroom and in life. NHA teachers care about each student and want to see them succeed. From day one, our staff is preparing your child to become a college bound scholar. Along with academics, we also provide a moral focus virtue each month to help your child grow emotionally.

We are looking forward to your child joining our program. Until then, we invite you to click on the video links below to find out more about what you can expect from a National Heritage Academies public school.

How is NHA different from a traditional public or private school?

In this video, you will discover the NHA difference. NHA schools encourage parent partnerships because we know what a vital role you play in your child’s education. Our schools have an outstanding behavior management plan in place as well as a unique Moral Focus curriculum.


What is the process to enroll my child at a National Heritage Academies school?

The enrollment process is easy. You will need to fill out an application and submit a few forms to ensure we have all the information that is required by the state. This video outlines what information you will need to submit to enroll in an NHA school.


How do you teach to kindergartners?

As your children are starting school you want the very best education for them. National Heritage Academies’ kindergarten program establishes a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our youngest students are not only challenged academically, but they are also encouraged to grow emotionally as they discover their independence. Watch this video to see a typical day in the life of a kindergartener.


What additional opportunities do you provide middle school students?

Middle school is a transition time for many students. The homework becomes more intense, and teachers are helping students prepare for their high school years. Middle school is a time for our students to grow in their studies, as well as socially. Hear from our current middle school students about their experience in an NHA school.


Do you offer transportation?

The majority of NHA schools do not offer busing. In this video, our parents share how the drive to and from school has become an opportunity for some great communication with their child. NHA also offers an online tool on each school’s website to make it easier for parents to work together to transport their children to and from school.


What should my child expect at an NHA school?

NHA schools want every child to succeed in the classroom so we make our expectations clear. There is a high emphasis on attendance, behavior, responsibility, and homework. All of the expectations are enforced so a student can reach their highest potential. Watch this video to see why high expectations are part of the NHA difference.

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