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Our belief is simple: Set high standards, make expectations clear, provide meaningful instruction, and watch children excel.

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Why a National Heritage Academies School?

Founded on academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership, and student responsibility, National Heritage Academies (NHA) are schools like no other. We set high standards, focus on real-world skills, problem solving, and how to be a good citizen. Our students draft a social contract that reinforces their commitment to their school, their teacher, and each other. Our exceptional teachers meet students at their ability level and challenge them to go beyond.

"The school has an excellent curriculum and the parent teacher feedback is great. The environment is also safe and the staff works hard to make sure the students succeed." - National Heritage Academies Parent
Top Reasons Parents Send Their Children To Our School: *
1 School safety is a top priority.
2 Children receive individual attention and instruction.
3 The curriculum provides Moral Focus as well as academics.
* Based on actual 2013 surveys administered to parents of kids who were returning to National Heritage Academies

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Jeff Wade3 hours ago
OHIO LAW states that a school's policy regarding bullying be SENT to every student's parents or guardian!!! I'd love to see your policy!
Rod TaylorThu - Oct 23
You state the reasons parents choose your schools are; 1)School safety is a top priority. 2)Children receive individual attention and instruction. 3)The curriculum provides Moral Focus as well as academic. Keith Colbert, Principal at Pathway School of Discovery in Ohio has failed at all three! Through his inaction, and ignorant statement, he has put a little girl in danger, contrary to number 1. He not only did not provide individual attention to this child as stated in number 2, he turned his back to her in a time of need. As for number 3, his actions and words were immortal at best and set a horrendous example to the student body and the bullies in especial! Is this the standard for your employees' behavior? Do you stand by your Principle at Pathway? Is this an example of the life lessons taught at your schools? You must be so proud.
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NHA SchoolsFri - Sep 26
Happy Friday! Here is a great video to kick-off your weekend. Enjoy!
NHA SchoolsFri - Sep 19
Don't let them take away kids' charter schools! #micharterswork #miched @MICharters @dquisenberrymi @charteralliance
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