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Student Responsibility

Developing Strong Character Through
Personal Responsibility


NHA students are taught to act responsibly and take accountability for their actions. This includes completing assignments, participating in classroom discussions, behaving in a respectful manner and following the school’s rules and procedures. A "No Excuses" mentality is stressed with students so they learn at a young age that strong character is developed through personal responsibility.


Student Code of Conduct: 

  • Respect and obey all staff members, adults, and those connected to the school.

  • Respect fellow students at all times.

  • Respect property of the school, fellow students, staff members, and area neighbors.

  • Use acceptable language at all times.

  • Cooperate in keeping the school building and premises neat and clean.

  • Demonstrate honesty, courtesy, and kindness in relationships with fellow students, staff members, and adults.

  • Obey all rules and regulations with respect to the safe and orderly operation of the school.

  • Observe the required school dress code policy as outlined.

  • Be punctual in attendance except in cases of illness, excused absence or emergency.



Part of every student's education at NHA is learning the importance of personal responsibility and how strong character is built through following a code of conduct.